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Communist America (Executive Order 1 and The Bolshevik Papers) is a very unique authorship in that it explains the real what, and why, of political and ideological events  happening today. It is in three parts and Part One traces the birth of communism in America in 1870 through today. Part Two is 61 monographs in The Bolshevik Papers explaining the recent activities of American Bolsheviks. Part Three is a post-American Bolshevik takeover and what to expect. The book totals 817 pages.

While written in 2010, the exact activities presented have occurred subsequent to publication. This is an opportunity to see what has taken place , it is more importantly a guide to your decisions for your family and loved  ones. Free America has entered a dark political age where the method of government will not be by vote but by tyrranical Executive Orders.

America, America, what have we allowed to be done to you

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Retired LAPD Detective Captain, International Criminal Investigator, Reporter, Consultant, and Author
I regularly ask people around the country if they are aware that  there exists a 4,000 mile control zone 100 miles south on the Canadian border from the Atlantic Ocean of Maine to  Washington coast on the Pacific. That area is nearly 11% of the mainland U.S. I write about this. Also in 2012 preparations were made for a border wall across our northern border... to keep people in.

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