Robert M. Michael

Retired LAPD Detective Captain, International Criminal Investigator, Reporter, Consultant, and Author





Captain Michael grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles and the interest of his life was football. When in high school he played football and then went on to college at the University of Iowa where he was a member of the first ever Iowa Rose Bowl team which defeated Oregon State University on the January 1, 1957 Rose Bowl game.

On a more serious vein, he began studying the 20th

century history of the Soviet Union at 13, and made

that a life time endeavor. He took Russian language

and political science classes. Upon returning to

Southern California he became  a police officer in

Orange County and six years later became a Los

Angeles (LAPD) police officer. While with LAPD

he became a Russian language interpreter/translator.

He continued his studies of the Soviet Union and

dealt with many Communist Bolsheviks on a

friendly and not so friendly basis, both on duty and

in off-hours pursuits.  

While with LAPD he attended the FBI National Academy, instructed criminal law and Constitutional law, as well as California criminal procedure and evidence, and was qualified in California administrative court as a subject matter expert in each. Additionally, he was a criminal law resource expert of the California Superior Court in, and for, Los Angeles County.  

Captain Michael also sat as a California administrative judge in police disciplinary trials, and taught for various colleges and universities, including California State University-Los Angeles.

During this time he received a Masters in Public Administration degree from the University of Southern California (USC), and was promoted through the ranks to the rank of Captain.

As a captain he commanded a division of several hundred uniformed officers in Los Angeles. He ended his LAPD career as a Detective Captain in South Central Los Angeles (77th Street Division); his second Detective Captain tour of duty.


Captain Michael consulted, and was an expert in wrongful death and other law enforcement matters several hundred times in courts of various states, and in Federal courts. He testified in numerous high profile cases  including the so-called Rodney King case. At the same time he continued his study of the Soviet Union and then, with its demise, study of the Republic of Russia (the Russian Federation). He did considerable training across the U.S. and other countries, and traveled to, and consulted with police in France, Mexico, The Czech Republic, and the Militisa (police) in Moscow, Russia.

During this time Captain Michael began to write for the Police News Network (PNN), of which he was a part owner. His subject matter was law enforcement, politics, insurrections, terrorism, and governments, on a global basis; and much of his resource material came from police and other persons who provided reliable information from around the world, including Russia and the Middle East.


Over the last 15 years Captain Michael has gained an interest and expertise in the rise of Islamic power and its expanding jihad mentality. He also has begun to follow and investigate the ever increasing infiltration of governments by Islamists, as well as their lobbying, and takeover of sports and other activities to expand  propagandizing for Islam. Some of our U.S. international athletic teams are sponsored by, and uniforms are provided by, totalitarian Muslim nations. Aren't you proud? 

These are dynamic times. Few know and understand that along with Bolshevists, before the take over of the Russian Empire in 1917, and after, Muslims were a part of the Bolshevik leadership. Still less known is that virtually all Middle East, Eastern Europe, and African countries of Muslim control have communist parties. Muslim and communist countries can, and regularly have, worked together.

Few, if any understand the communist Muslim mix. That is one reason for confusion among the so-called 'experts' on foreign affairs in the U.S.. By reading this book, you will become a true expert on U.S. foreign affairs in dealing with current and former communist countries. We are communist!

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