Robert M. Michael

Retired LAPD Detective Captain, International Criminal Investigator, Reporter, Consultant, and Author


 Captain Michael has written numerous publications which pertain to professional policing and many of these were custom written for training programs he contracted for with various states and agencies relative to police officer standards and training, nationally known as POST entities who regulate the training of police officers in all states. The subject matter ranged from management of patrol

and investigative functions to SWAT tactics. They

spanned from the classroom setting to the building

of simulation structures for situation simulations



Books relative to today's politics, chaos, terrorism,

and takeover, are an online book written and published

in 2007 and a hard print book published in 2010. A

small amount of the material in the 2007 book was

used in the 2010 publication.

Although no longer available (although I have thought of resurrecting it) the 2007 book was titled, Obama: A Risk Too Great To Take. Obviously it did not have a significant impact as the risk was taken and Obama was elected. The theme however was to use a concept in law called "probable cause" and applying it to who Obama was and what he was advocating. It was a risk/reward consideration wrapped into probable cause as to how sure we had to be that he was honest and could deliver what was best for free America. Were we sure enough to take the risk, or was it a risk too great to take. Using the probable cause concept, I determined the risk was too great to take, with reasons.  Certainly time has proven that assessment to have been correct

My book, Communist America and The Bolshevik Papers, has every day proved itself by evolved, and evolving events, as America has moved from free America closer and closer to Bolshevik America. It is not that I have some special skills or aptitudes or insights, but I have studied the history of Russia, the Soviet Union, and communism/Bolshevism and have a memory and open eyes.

For a long while my traditional American thinking kept me in the "never in America" mentality, even with our history and flirtation with communism for more than 135 years. Then, in 2007 and following it became crystal clear that free America was under a powerful, and likely successful, takeover to become the new USSR, the United States Socialist Republic. It became simple to pull out the dusty blueprints of the second decade of the 20th century of the Bolsheviks in Russia and overlay them on what has happened in once free America.