Robert M. Michael

Retired LAPD Detective Captain, International Criminal Investigator, Reporter, Consultant, and Author



The Bolshevik takeover in Russia in 1917 was a simple choice between submitting to an all Russia socialist vote or just moving the provisional government out and the Bolsheviks moving in. The Bolsheviks weren't sure of the voting so they chose the latter (an hour later they also won the vote). This was not a war; it was not even a skirmish. It was simply a notice that the Bolsheviks had taken over Russia for socialism (which Karl Marx classifies as communism); Bolshevik socialism (communism), that is. What did the Bolsheviks call their new country? It was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics because as Karl Marx stated, Socialism is communism in its initial stage.

Democracy is the weakest form of all governments. It invites its enemies in and then protects them as they destroy the democracy. A notice in a democracy such as the United States, is an Executive Order. Executive Orders are now the order (notice) of the day in America as was the notice in the Bolshevik takeover in Russia.

Having trouble with this? I understand, you are incredulous.

To accept it is to almost be unpatriotic. It has never happened

here. This is America. You may even be mad at me, and leave

this site now. Please don't. You don't know what you don't

know; and nearly all Americans don't know. The Russians

know. They experienced it for more than 70 years. Their

media has called the United States "The Land of the Red".

They do so not mockingly, but in sadness that the once

great country America, is down to the depths of communism.

But Abraham Lincoln said in 1838 that some day  one will rise

up from among us (America). His objective will be distinction.

He will be an evil one, possessed as a man can be, who will

first try to destroy our institutions (Congress, courts, military, law enforcement, states?) as a good guy.  Lincoln continues that when the  'nice guy' approach fails, the possessed one will boldly tear us down.

 He says when the evil one tries to take us down it will require us, we the people,  to be united with each other to frustrate his design; he meant all the people. American Bolshevism  has been coming rapidly of late, and as President Reagan once said freedom is not inherited through the blood, but must be fought for by every generation. Each of our preceding generations has done that. We appear to be the first to have failed, and the last in a free America for a long time.

Can we be united? I doubt it since we don't even understand the enemy. Even the dear Tea Party people I speak before have not a clue. They are into democrat elections, but communism is an ideology and not a political concept. Worse yet, we don't even recognize Bolshevik communism in America. Bolshevism is neither politics nor ideology; it is a tactical approach.

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